The date is Sat. February 11, 2012 the world has been in a “recession” for years. Obama has made marijuana legal in an effort to bring in a new source of cash and reduce expenditure on crackdowns. The initiative has begun to show promise, but as of yet only small growth has been seen. The border to Mexico has been closed due to three more flu bugs sprouting up from there and striking out at the world. Those Mexican’s who were here when the border closed have now been given green cards since sending them back would be a crime against man. Add on to this the hurricanes that have battered this country and you’ve got a world where human’s good will is fading. Texas was hit with a Cat. 4, Louisiana was hit with a Cat. 4, and the east coast has been plagued by Cat. 3 storms that pop up right off the coast and slam us before there is time to think. Thankfully hurricane season is over. Unfortunately the storms showed up late, winter showed up late and people have no idea what the weather holds in store for them tomorrow. The People have been feeling the walls closing in on their backs, Texas seems like a bad place to be right now. Uratha have gone missing, their packs still howl with the loss. Now an entire pack, The Path Makers, are missing and The People are gathering up the one’s who changed on December 20, 2011. A prophecy says that a pack will be born on that day, the day of the lunar eclipse, and it will have a chance to level the playing field for what is to come.

Betrayal in Bastrop